Current Vacancies

Please read the instructions below before applying for any roles you feel are suited to you. Also, all roles are based in our Liverpool, UK studio.


When applying for a job at Spiral House, please follow the instructions below.

NOTE: We do not accept unsolicited résumés from agencies sent via snail mail or email, unless previously agreed. They will be ignored and most probably tagged as spam and then deleted, so please do not send them.

We do not have any internship positions at the present time. If this should change, we will remove this notice.


However, we are always on the look out for talented, enthusiastic people to join our team, so if you believe you possess those special qualities that are required for making games, then we would like to hear from you. If you're a graduate wishing to get into the games industry, then we welcome you also.

Submission Guidelines:

First, please read the job description under 'current vacancies' below for more information on a particular role before applying and follow these instructions...

  • Provide a cover letter (separate or email body) explaining why, if you're a graduate, you want to work in the games industry, and / or why you want to work at Spiral House.

  • Include your CV / résumé in either MS word or PDF format, typed in a clear, standard font style.

  • If you're a programmer, we want to see your programming ability and potential with a compiled demo, either sent to us on a disc or accessible online.

  • If you're an artist, please provide examples of your artwork that can be viewed online (ArtStation for example), or sent in JPG format. If you wish to present animations as movies, please do not attach them to an email, please present them so we can view them on-line.

  • If you're a composer, please do not send us your music (we receive so many). We already use composers that have been working with us for many years and if that should change, we will come and find you.

  • We are a UK based company, therefore all non-UK applicants will require a work permit before applying. Information on work permits can be found on the home office web site here.

  • Send your CV / résumé via email by clicking here.


We do receive a lot of applicants and we do not have the capacity to read and reply to all of them, especially if we're not in a recruitment window. Therefore, if you do not hear from us within two weeks, please assume you were unsuccessful and we're not looking for anybody with your skills at the current time. We will keep you on file and contact you in the future if that should change.

Thank you for visiting our web-site and for considering Spiral House.



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jobs at spiralhouse co uk (interpret that to an email address).

Current Vacancies

UI / UX Designer

We have an exciting opportunity for a full-time, talented UI/UX Designer to work with us on an unannounced product for a (top) global publisher within our studio here in Liverpool, UK. We are looking for an individual with strong interface design skills and UX / user flow design experience to join a highly motivated development team.

You will be responsible for, and use your technical and creative experience to help design all aspects of the menu and in-game user interface. You will be proficient and have experience in user interface design and presentation.


  • Demonstrate a good understanding of video games and how they affect UI accessibility and design.

  • Be able to give and take constructive critiques.

  • Be able to sell your designs to various team members.

  • Be able to prototype desired flows and concepts

  • Work hands-on with programmers, artists, designers to implement user interfaces into the game.

  • Be able to reiterate on UI design and UX based on feedback.

  • Build a UX / UI style guide and setting design standards.

  • Ensure quality and consistency is maintained throughout the project



  • Design thinking orientated.

  • Experience in creating wireframes, storyboards, user flows for game menus and in-game interface.

  • Experience working in an agile project management environment.

  • Experience with Adobe suite; XD, Illustrator, Photoshop etc.

  • Experience working with Unity and / or Unreal is a plus but not essential.

  • At least one shipped product with demonstrable experience creating user interfaces and design for video games.


Please see 'Submission Guidelines' above for details on how to apply.

3D Environment Artists


  • As a 3D Artist you will be responsible for producing art assets in line with project requirements. You will create high quality graphical content, both 3D and 2D consistent with the style and vision of the project.

  • Must have, prior to consideration: a strong demo reel that adequately reflects artistic flare and ability.


Requirements for the role:

  • Demonstrable experience in creating environment / prop models of a high standard while maintaining visual and functional specifications for the game.

  • Be able to meet schedules and artistic standards.

  • Work collaboratively with the art team and actively contribute to the development process.

  • Model in-game art with effective use of polygon and texture budget.

  • Model high and low-poly art to the required standard and level of detail.

  • Create UV map with efficient layout.

  • Perform research and reference gathering to acquire the necessary knowledge to perform assigned tasks.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the pipelines and procedures within the project.

  • Industry experience modelling and texturing for console and/or PC games with a minimum of 1 published game and possess 2-3 years previous experience in a similar role.

  • Be able to use applications (3DS Max / Maya, Substance Painter & Designer, Photoshop) up to industry standard.


Beneficial Qualities:

  • Traditional Art Background (sketching, digital painting and conceptualizing skills).

  • Can demonstrate an understanding of Art Fundamentals.

  • Story boarding.

  • Experience with Unity / Unreal.


Demonstrate Ability To:

  • Work well and respond to pressure.

  • Communicate effectively within a team environment.

  • Think critically, and apply analytical skills in resolving complex art related issues.

  • Self-motivated.

  • Quickly comprehend proprietary tools and development processes.

  • Meet deadlines designated for team projects.

  • Professionalism and the ability to function well within a team.

Please see 'Submission Guidelines' above for details on how to apply.